Mystery Customer Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer web accessed service?
We can!  Clients who elect this option can have a password-protected website specially developed for them. This means you can access both your customer service evaluations and a variety of consumer feedback data from our secure, password-protected website - anytime, day or night. This also means your shopping information will reach you...

  • Faster - instantaneous transmission
  • Securely - only those with passwords have access
  • Improved Turnaround Time – you can respond to critical customer issues immediately

How frequently do I need consumer feedback?
You may choose to have customer service evaluations as frequently as you wish. Typically, retail locations are shopped once or twice a month. However, we have some clients for whom we shop weekly and others who prefer to receive their consumer feedback on alternative months. Whatever your research need, we can design a program that will match your exact requirements.

Should I tell my employees they are being shopped?
If you are conducting a baseline study, you may choose not to announce your first few customer service evaluations. However, we generally recommend that you inform your employees that you have hired an external consultancy to give you on-the-spot consumer feedback later on.  The fact that you have hired Szetho Consultancy is an important indication to your employees that you have a serious commitment to improving frontline customer service. Your employees will be encouraged to "stay on their toes" because they never know when we may be next visiting. The fact that your employees are aware of the program will mean they will be more receptive to suggestions for improvement.

Can we use the mystery shopping program as part of our recognition or incentive program?
YES! We believe it is just as important to catch people doing something right as it is to uncover customer service problems or opportunities at your business locations. Our mystery shoppers often help many of our clients identify "superstars" so they can be rewarded. We can custom-design your customer service evaluations to support both training and incentive programs. CLICK HERE

Who are your mystery shoppers?
We have a nationwide database of mystery shoppers and customer service evaluators in this region. They have been carefully compiled since 1997. They range from ages 16 to 65 from across a wide spectrum of economic and social background so that the proposed sampling we submit to you can be representative of what would be your usual customer profile. Often, upon the appointment by a client with very specific needs, we will initiate a new recruitment drive to recruit ‘fresh’ mystery shoppers. Each is kept unknown to you or your staff so that they may evaluate your establishment in complete secrecy.

What preparation do your shoppers receive?
All our mystery shoppers receive orientation materials that emphasize the importance of reliability, objectivity and thoroughness in their reporting. These materials also include helpful hints to avoid being detected as a mystery shopper. Also, each mystery shopper receives a comprehensive client specification sheet that will elaborate the unique needs and requirements of each individual client. When their customer service reports are reviewed, mystery shoppers are rated for their accuracy in recording their observations. We regularly weed out mystery shoppers who fail to meet our standards or the standards of our clients. Also, each mystery shopper acknowledges a non-disclosure and confidentially agreement upon appointment so that your confidentiality is assured.

What is your investment for a Mystery Customer Program?
Your investment for a mystery customer program is predicated on how long and complex the shopping experience is. It is also a function of volume, frequency and the type of product you wish to evaluate.  For example, if you wish to evaluate a sit-down meal at your establishment, the fee will definitely be higher than if you were just to have a mystery customer to seek information merely over the phone. This is because the cost of the meal must be included as a fixed reimbursement to the mystery shopper and that cost is much higher than a local phone call. In addition, time or day restrictions, though sometimes necessary, add challenges to scheduling and therefore will require a higher investment.  Clients who request for report writing and analysis on a regular basis or who opt for specially designed websites to review their mystery customer reports can expect additionally a retainer fee.  The good news is our charges are affordable and can be customized to fit virtually any budget. CLICK HERE

Does Szetho Consulting also conduct follow-through training programs?
Yes, we consider it a privilege that we remain a partner in helping you improve your customer service experience for your customers.  In fact, because we have a better understanding of your customer service problems, we could possibly be more targeted in recommending customer training strategies than others. Click the link “Training” to learn more about our training abilities and capabilities.  We have a library of training services that is wider than most and these can be customized to fit easily into your budget.

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