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Checklists For Your Presentation



  1. Checklist for Presentation Skills
  2. Checklist for Effective Training Session



Checklist for Presentation Skills

Place a [check] in case box if step/task is performed satisfactorily, an [X] if it is not performed satisfactorily, or N/O if not observed.

Satisfactory: Performs the step or task according to standard procedure or guidelines

Unsatisfactory: Does not perform the step or task according to standard procedure or guidelines

Not Observed: Step or task not performed by  during evaluation by


Date Observed___________

Checklist for Presentation Skills



1. Presents an effective introduction.






2. States the objective(s) as part of the introduction.






3. Asks questions of the entire group.






4. Targets questions to individuals.






5. Asks questions at a variety of levels.






6. Uses  names.






7. Provides positive feedback.






8. Responds to  questions.






9. Follows 's notes and/or a personalized reference manual.






10. Maintains eye contact.






11. Projects voice so that all s can hear.






12. Moves about the room.






13. Uses audiovisuals effectively.






14. Displays a positive use of humor.






15. Presents an effective summary.






16. Provides for application or practice of presentation content.






17. Delivered an effective presentation













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Check List for an Effective Training Session

Instructions: Observe the lecture and consider each of the presentation skills listed below. For each skill, use the following rating scale to indicate the level of performance:

3: Is competent at performing this skill and requires no additional practice

2: Can perform this skill but requires additional practice

1: Cannot perform this skill and requires extensive practice

NA: Skill not applicable to this lecture presentation

NO: Skill not observed during this lecture presentation

Note that there is space for five observations. If necessary, you can assess your performance on five different occasions. After your first lecture you should set some goals to improve specific presentation skills. By the time you make your fifth presentation, you should be receiving mostly “3s” for each presentation skill.

Lecture Skills Checklist

Presentation Skills







Preparation Skills

Selected lecture methods in advance.






Prepared lecture notes in advance.






Prepared audiovisuals in advance.






Planned effective techniques to introduce the lecture.






Arranged room appropriately.






Verbal Presentation Skills

Projected voice (changed pitch, tone and volume).






Avoided fillers (e.g., “um,” “err,” “you know,” etc.).






Used many examples.






Provided praise and reinforcement.






Accepted participant ideas and suggestions.






Used appropriate humor.






Nonverbal Presentation Skills 

Maintained eye contact.






Maintained positive facial expressions.






Gestured with hands and arms.






Maintained good posture.






Moved around the room with energy.






Followed lecture notes.






Questioning Skills

Asked questions at varying levels of difficulty.






Asked questions to group.






Asked questions to individual participants.






Involved all participants (if possible).






Repeated participant responses and questions.






Provided positive reinforcement.






Audiovisual Skills

Used presentation media correctly.






Summarizing Skills 

Asked for questions.






Asked questions.






Used media to review main points.






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