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We are seeking qualified individuals to join our organization. Successful careerists are self-leaders, have disciplined work habits, and a deep desire to succeed in either a consulting or training role.

Performance Consultants
We are looking for young but competitive individuals who are willing to work hard and enjoy financial success. We seek individuals who enjoy consultative sales and are comfortable communicating with key decision makers. You will enjoy designing business solutions for growing organizations with people problems, and you will have a genuine desire to help organizations and their people achieve their business objectives. You will be working with leading organizations to improve their performance using our training and mystery customer programs. As a Performance Consultant, you will contact potential and existing clients. Your strong selling skills will help you successfully sell both our training and mystery customer programs. You will be helping people become better employees and managers through our training programs. Through our Mystery Customer Programs, you will help organizations redefine their commitment to superior customer service.  You must prospect, identify qualified leads, make presentations, build long-term relationships and close sales. You must be willing to work long hours to meet your personal goals.  As an added bonus, as Performance Consultant, you will have the opportunity to partner with associate and senior trainers and work in a supportive environment where your resourcefulness and talent are likely to help you reach your potential goal as a potential entrepreneur-trainer.

Requirements: Bachelor's degree; strong communications & interpersonal skills; previous sales experience a plus; computer skills a must.  You are a strong entrepreneur and a self-starter who could be interested in a lucrative training or consulting position upon advancement.

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Associate/Senior Trainers
We are searching for highly qualified Associate/ Senior Trainers. Preference will be given to those with significant experience in delivering behavioral change through our skill-based programs. You must be a high-energy person with excellent communication skills and a great speaking voice. Our ideal candidates are not less than 36 years of age, have at least 10 years of management experience and are in possession of no less than a masters’ degree. A sturdy aptitude to be able to plan, write, and deliver effective training programs independently on your own is a necessary ingredient for success in this position. Our compensation plan is flexible and attractive. Successful candidates are usually practicing professionals in their own right who have a strong desire to help others succeed. Our reward plan is flexible enough to attract those who not only wish for flexible hours but yet yearn to face the challenge that comes only with a senior consulting role for leading organizations.

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Mystery Shoppers
A mystery shopper visits a place of business for the purpose of evaluating the customer service, customer service standards, presentations and other specific details as requested by our clients. You are required to follow specific instructions during your visit and complete a comprehensive online report via the Internet. You must be aged 16 - 65 with a desire to earn extra cash for posing as a mystery shopper.  No formal qualifications are necessary. However, we select shoppers who are detail-oriented, thorough, observant and objective. As a mystery shopper, you are required to have a reliable car or access to a reliable car and a telephone. Our Mystery Customer Program is a web-based business and we use our website and e-mails as the primary means for communicating with our mystery shoppers. Assignments are emailed to you and reports must be completed online.  As a mystery shopper, you are required to have a personal e-mail address and access to the Internet. You must be able to clearly follow instructions, remember what is said to you when shopping and have an excellent memory to be able to recall details about your shopping experience. You need to be able to communicate clearly in writing and use the correct spelling and grammar in your reports. You must have the ability to remain anonymous when shopping and most importantly, be honest, flexible, and extremely reliable.

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