More Information About Becoming A Mystery Shopper

What is the Value of Mystery Shopping?
Mystery shoppers secretly evaluate all kinds of service oriented businesses. These include banks, hypermarkets, departmental stores, restaurants, gyms, bars, cinemas and more. The details obtained from your mystery shopping will provide our clients added information so that they can improve their front-line customer service.

What does it take to be a mystery shopper?

You need to be able to:

  • Read carefully all the information we send you to ensure you will meet the clients' specifications
  • Notice details and report them accurately
  • Write objectively and concisely
  • Return phone calls or e-mails promptly
  • Meet deadlines consistently and reliably

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How far will I have to travel and how much work might I get as a mystery shopper?
It depends. We try to assign work to shoppers who live close to our clients' locations.  Therefore the amount of work available will depend on how many locations are being researched within your residential area.

Is mystery shopping a full-time job?
No. We may have several clients in your residential area, or only a few. Some clients require we rotate mystery shoppers so your assignment may be as long as a few months to a few years depending on the client’s needs. Some clients require weekly shops and others ask for shops only once a month or every two months. Still, this is an excellent part-time job for a student who needs extra pocket money or somebody who enjoys eating, shopping or watching a movie for free and be glad to be paid for it.

How and when do I get paid for mystery shopping?
Mystery shoppers are independent contractors. Szetho Consultancy pays for satisfactory completion of shopping reports on a per shop basis.The rate varies from client to client and is agreed upon in advance. In addition, some of our clients also reimburse for purchases and allow shoppers to keep the items. Payment is usually once a month after completion of your report. Payment to shoppers is made by cheque paid around the 25th of the following month. To earn extra money right away, CLICK HERE.

How do I become a mystery shopper?
Before you fill out our application, ask yourself these questions:

  • Can we always count on you to complete your assignments on time?
  • Do you have reliable access to a computer?
  • Are you comfortable working on-line independently?

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