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Since 1993, Szetho Consultancy has developed workshops, seminars and performance tools for more than 40 companies in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and China. Companies we work with range from the very well established, such as Citibank, Maybank, Coca-Cola, F&N, Diethlem, Reckitt and Coleman Overseas Limited, Standard Chartered Bank, Blondal, Alliance, Malaysian Institute of Management, Utusan Melayu, GSC and Heidelberg, to the up-and-coming largest entertainment providers in Indonesia, Blitz Megaplex, Jive Entertainment, and DB. Interventions are as straightforward as a one-day planning session or as complex as year-long curriculum development.

We use these as guides:

  • Partnership with you as our client to provide professional support not typically available from other training vendors. Our ability to customize training solutions to match your exact needs makes us distinctive amongst regional vendors.
  • We offer a fresh and objective perspective.  We approach your business situation as a unique challenge.  As a result, clients often appoint us to avoid doing things the “same old way we’ve done them in the past.” 
  • We build value.  We strive to provide significant value to you and your business. This involves focusing on your training needs, job performance and learning objectives within the context of your business realities.
  • We provide the best possible resources.  We draw from a small but highly skilled pool of consultants, matching their background and expertise to your precise needs. 


Szetho Consultancy is committed to helping organizations like yours increase productivity through better use of human capital to achieve competitive advantage.

We are committed to:

  • Developing processes and systems that "fit" organizations
  • Providing emphasis on soft skill development based on current management theory
  • Providing clients like you with value through proven training methodology
  • Developing and empowering individuals and teams in your organization

Clients contract with us for these reasons:

  • They need specialized training-related expertise which doesn’t reside in-house
  • They desire a fresh, creative, and objective perspective to training
  • They determine that it’s more cost-effective to  use us than to develop and maintain their own internal training resources

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