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Why Us?

We Produce Results

Our work has been proven to produce immediate measurable outcomes for many organizations. We do this by individually tailoring the training to meet your specific people, processes, and situational needs.

Our Philosophy of Training

  • to offer supervised learning experiences to people
  • to focus on supporting the development of solid professional working skills
  • we focus on the development of attitude and judgment skills which allow discerning participants to be open to information from a variety of perspectives, to be aware of how one’s own biases might affect interpretation of information, and to develop critical thinking skills which challenge participants to continuously seek new ways of understanding the information before them, to recognize the complexities of the realities they explore, and to attend to the interdependent connections within those realities

 Our Process and People make the Difference

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Our trainers are ready to help you co-create the future. We will connect with you to discover your corporate vision, values, strategy and goals. This will enable us to gain a sense of where you want to take your organization in the future. Our goal is to provide a customized solution to support you and get your organization where you want to be.

Together we shall examine where your organization is today and then help you identify what you want your organization to become.

Our facilitators are not just competent trainers but professional practitioners in their own right. Although we have many trainers on retainer, some of them are in fact associate trainers. We select trainers who are specialists in their respective fields. This means we can ensure our trainers are the most appropriate ones for each of your individual course in terms of areas of expertise, training style and industry experience. All our trainers have actual experience at a high level to make all the difference as opposed to someone training on theory alone. Their extensive business experience is the key to making experiential activities and exercises relevant and applicable to real-life situations.

Our trainers are selected on their ability to inspire, motivate and empower participants. This is achieved by delivering training that is dynamic and relevant to your day-to-day challenges. All of the training courses offered represent a blend of tried and tested methods as well as some of the latest tools, techniques, market research and case studies. Small focused groups allow for interactive training through group discussion, role-plays and exercises, giving participants the adaptable skills that they can use when returning to work. Some of our other activated learning techniques will include:

  • Experiential Exercises - activities and games anchoring learning to real life scenarios
  • Practice and Coaching Sessions – including situational role-plays, video-taped practice and feedback sessions and 'mind aerobics' exercises and experiences
  • Solutions Workshops – techniques used to enable a group of people to generate practical solutions quickly and effectively and develop applicable practical action plans
  • Self Assessment – against a given framework

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Our Course Content is Constantly Evolving

Our courses are flexible and course contents are constantly updated according to research, specific participant requirements and group size. Depending on the needs of the different groups, this does sometimes mean that some courses are more intensive than others.  Participants can expect to develop personal action plans during the courses to ensure they have a clear understanding of how to apply their newly acquired knowledge and skills. To support their learning, we also provide extensive documentation on all courses including theory, exercises, worksheets, case studies, action plans, and additional reading and reference material.

We provide Feedback and Measurement Mechanisms

In addition to anonymous feedback sheets during the course, for a small fee, we can also obtain feedback from your participants after the training in the form of detailed appraisal forms. Participants will be asked to complete one set of measurement forms.  Their immediate supervisors will complete a second set.  We can then present the measurement findings of both groups to confirm the outcome of your training sessions.

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